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Sarah lives alone and doesn’t have any family or friends nearby. Driving your own car to take her to a Community activity for an hour or so once a week for a cup of tea, would really make her smile. If you feel you would like to make a difference to the lives of people like Sarah then we’d love to hear from you.   Mileage paid. 

Contact Usha Garrattley, Torbay Community Development Trust for an informal chat on 01803 212638.   This is for an ‘Ageing Well Pilot Transport Project’ to improve the lives of older people living in Torbay.




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"The Torbay Community Development Trust wants Torbay to be a place where all people feel included and can become involved in growing a thriving local community."

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Torbay’s Voluntary, Community and Social  Enterprise Sector has been experiencing a  period of significant change, in part in  response to those severe reductions in the  public sector that are having such a major impact on local life - with more, of course, to come. A series of open discussions over a  period of  many months and involving more than  100 voluntary sector representatives has  resulted in our establishing a Community Development Trust for Torbay (Torbay CDT), its intention being to make Torbay a place where all people feel included and can become involved in growing a thriving local community.

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